Why use Finvest

We have been helping  home owners enter the property market for nearly a decade. In that time we have helped hundreds of regular Victorians successfully buy or build their home, acquire quality investment property and reduce their income tax.


Many of our clients now have extensive property portfolios. We have helped clients with land access a little-known method of buying their homes at wholesale prices


This wholesale method allows our clients to access quality builders and a range of fabulous designs at greatly reduced prices and with genuine fixed-cost agreements.


Now, we are providing this service to you.


Build my Home by Finvest provides an easy and transparent way to access these wholesale builder options – with the comfort of knowing that Finvest is there to help.


Who is this for?

Wholesale building is perfect for anyone who has purchased land, is looking to build, and wants to save thousands off their build price.



It’s perfect for people who qualify for the first home owners grant, those looking to build a dual occupancy residence, investors looking to  build a quality home to rent out, or anyone who wants to build a great home at a sensible, reliable price.

Our longstanding experience in the property investment market, and understanding of how to save and make our clients money makes Finvest the perfect choice.


We provide informed, fee-free advice for all levels of investor. We help property investment beginners, first home owners and established property investors.


Our clients trust us to give them the right advice -and come back to us for their second, third and fourth properties.

Not only that, our clients enjoy access to exclusive deals, unlisted properties, and some amazing savings.

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