How It Works

The difference between retail and wholesale building can mean saving thousands of dollars in the cost of your build. It also has a direct impact on how much is – or isn’t – included in what you buy. 


Display centres cater to a retail market. Surrounded by the opulence of a display centre, it is easy to be tempted by expensive add-ons, finishes and options. Its also easy to overlook the things that aren’t included in the home you have bought.

Retail building quotes are not fixed – and frequently do not typically include…

  • Site preparation
  • Site costs – contour and soil tests and connection fees
  • Flooring
  • Driveways, or
  • Landscaping.

Worse still, the contract you sign might well change before the first sign of a building emerges on your land.


The thing is, many of the same big brands you see at the display centres also construct great high-quality houses with all of the essentials (like a driveway) but without the trimmings – for a fixed cost and for much less money.



And the total reduced cost can often all be financed.

We have gathered the best builders and the best designs all in one place. Explore the quality benefits of buying wholesale and you could shave tens of  thousands off your home loan.


And there are even bigger benefits if you qualify for the first home owners grant.


Find out about the special benefits for first home owner buyers.

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