Dual Occupancy

If you are thinking about turning your block into a home and selling or renting the second property, a wholesale home build is the perfect solution.


The fixed cost means that you know in advance what your costs will be. This makes it easy to organise finance that covers the total build and takes out a lot of guesswork and frustration.


At the same time, buying a wholesale build can make save you thousands on the build.


This makes the numbers look great for finance and puts cash back in your pocket. If you are looking to put dual dwellings on your block at a sensible price, you just can’t go past a wholesale home build.


Select one of the wholesale dual occupancy designs featured on our site and we will work with you to negotiate a fixed-cost agreement. You’ll know what you are paying from the beginning and you can finance the entire build.

This simply doesn’t happen when you buy at retail.


Explore our range of dual occupancy homes and discover designs that give you the best of both worlds.

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