About Build My Home

Build my Home by Finvest provides a selection of quality builders at fixed-cost, wholesales prices.


The builders we feature on our site are award-winning and reliable. Many are the same brands you might expect to find in showrooms and display centres in leading developments.

The difference is that wholesale contracts trim out the unnecessary frills – leaving you with a quality house with driveway and landscaping at a significant saving.

The builders we feature build on your land and provide a fixed-price contract.


Where do we fit in?


Our site features a range of high quality designs from well respected building companies to choose from.


We facilitate the process, help you negotiate a build agreement that makes sense, and support you from design selection through to contract negotiation.


Our experience in this sector means that we can guide you to ensure that you get everything that you need in your home without overcapitalising.


Importantly, we do not charge our clients fees for any of this.

Finvest can also show you how to organise your investment in a way that minimises tax and can, in many cases, can allow you to use the money you save to purchase an investment property. 


We help you save in the present in order to build for the future.

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